the video girl

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“Are you going to be the video girl?”
It was Wanlov, chilling next to me on the hill,
glancing at the entirety of  Glastonbury Festival craziness in the beneath valley.

I didn’t even know that the word exists.
But sure, why not.
So I got to be the video girl,
It gave me the most beautiful inside to this side of the music industry.
What it is that it takes for a music video.
Not much.
To my surprise.
A mobile phone with the song.
And a Go Pro.
And yet so much.
A crew creating the good vibes – the atmosphere of the song. Determining spaces to set the story of the song. Creating the space to tell the story of the song. Creating the space for everyone in the video to feel the song, the tunes, the story and perform the story.  Opening spaces of the unknown, to create the right moments of laughter, fun, to do the right thing at the right time. Catching the right moment with the camera. Cutting the right moment from the camera. Creating a video that will take along the people that listen to the song, to hear the story, to see the story, to feel the story, to emerge with the story, to make it their song – their story.
Unique skills Wanlov and Silvastone put out there.
Just my type of a challenge – I enjoyed.

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