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pics: me
pics: me

This blog has been many things. A blog for the sake of having a blog.  The wish to share inspirations on Europe-Africa relations. An eye opener for the creative economic forces of young entrepreneurship. A Blogspot.

This blog has been an attempt to regain my passion for writing after a traumatising 7 good years of castigation into academic writing. Where there was no space for the phantasy I so much loved. For the writing of thoughts, structures, words and sentences that would not always make sense if you close yourself of from the worlds of imagination and other dimensions. And it also has been my drive to share about my work, my experiences and my ideas as consultant.

Women Entrepreneurships is the core that resulted my journey towards my realisation that creative and passionate writing occurs when the thoughts and words come from the heart. And whenever I would write about women entrepreneurship words would pour straight from my heart.

Women Entrepreneurships is also a consequence that resulted my realisation that the consulting business is an inherently male domain with no female vibes or structures in sight and no female mentors to learn from. And that writing about this my work successfully, as one of the best, as the best, would mean that I would have to play according to these male rules. I was confronted to make choices. To either adhere and become male myself or to engage on this curious adventure of figuring out how the feminin navigates, functions and shines in the world of business and consulting.

I chose the latter one and am so super happy, excited and curious to explore on this blog together with you the magics of women in business & leadership.

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