On self-inflicted incubators and taking your time

happy birthday 2 years of speakerinnen.org
pics: me        ‘happy birthday 2 years of speakerinnen.org’

Milena Glimbovski was speaking at the happy birthday 2 years speakerinnen.org celebrations. On how, when she first came to Berlin, she didn’t know exactly where to go with her life and didn’t have any role models that would inspire her or give her orientation. And about how she would withdraw much of her life to her room, watching series and being social – on social media.

How daring and brave, I felt, this young woman was, to do the thing that is so much frowned upon: to do nothing, to do what seems useless, to take your time. She came out of her self-inflicted incubator having her first role model thanks to watching her TV series (Emma Thomas if I remember correctly), having quite a remarkable social media network and, judging from her engagements as international speaker and co-founder of Original Univerpackt, a unique clue on where to take her life.

“Have role models and have many of them”, she said. We shall. Thanks for the inspiration!

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