on rocking women entrepreneurship, the non-profit sector and planting trees


So meet Athini Kenke. One of those very gifted women entrepreneurs. The like, that has dreams and visions. And puts them into practice. Her latest project is about trees. She loves trees, as I love trees – as much as we all love trees or at least should do. She wants to plant them. In Southern Africa: in South Africa, in Zambia. To make up for the woods that we cut to cover our global love for using wood. Yours and mine. To give back some love to those woods. You can share your love here, too(1 Tree = 7,50 EUR / 120 South African RAND)!

I got to know Athini some years ago. In Germany. At a networking event of one of the local northern German banks that hosted a South African delegation. Some years later she rocked my stay in Cape Town – sharing with me her Langa life, Gugulethu street cultures, Khayelitsha clubs … Mesmerising Cape Town. Mesmerising Athini.

She does the kind of projects that are so lightly labeled non-profit – and hence more than often considered to be ‘not really’ entrepreneurial. After all such projects ‘do good’ and are ‘not out for profit’. And yet, it is only the projects run by those individuals with this ingenious sense for entrepreneurship – for sourcing and being able to provide those things communities actually need, for mesmerising people’s support for projects, for raising/managing necessary resources and funds – which are successful and outgrow the stage of idea to actually come to life. Which is why I see them as an entrepreneurship. Even with a profit.  Not only to the community and society but also to the people running them, as they get the opportunity to sustain themselves with the work of their heart and passion.

It is the kind of entrepreneurship that provides an environment for so many of us women entrepreneurs to unfold our genius. To flourish. To share our gifts and energy with ease in working structures of the feminine.

So let me allow her to mesmerise you, too:

“I am rallying support for a project I’ve undertaken on GivenGain. My aim is to raise 80 Trees by 30 April 2016. These trees will be planted where they are needed most around Southern Africa, encouraging reforestation where our forests have been stripped bare. 

In July I will be heading to Zambia for a week of tree planting. Now if you know me , you know that God has called me to give of my time, energy and heart to be of aid and to uplift. You would also know that I have a passion for people, nature and Africa. So this cause connects with my heart and your support would mean a great deal to me.

I am currently on about 21 trees and need your help to get me to 80 in the next few days. Shew! What a challenge. I believe it can be done! 1 tree = 120 RAND. But please give to your heart’s connect. You can contribute directly to my project on GivenGain. Please do me one more and share this within your circles with those people you know this cause would resonate with.

Stay blessed and a blessing

Athini Milira Kenke”

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