in times of change: fempreneurship part I


In in times of change, things change fast. At least in parts. While some elements remain intact for longer. Hinging behind. Or maybe just taking the time they need to be able to follow.

So some of you may have realised that my 3 months old blog that I had baptised women entrepreneurships has kept its URL links while it has changed its name into

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 15.42.26Oh my, yet another feminist wandering off into the extremes you may think – but it is quite the opposite, so hear me out.

The essence of my sharings, so I explained to a dear friend of mine over brunch the other day, is the idea of promoting and embracing feminine entrepreneurship styles in our business and mainstream economy. Much less a call for fewer men and more women in business and leading positions of influential companies and corporations in our prevailing economy.

In my understanding, there are masculine and feminine styles of entrepreneurship – as in modes of generating added economic value, as in earning money, creating employment, contributing to society. Men and women carry both of these styles in them, independent of their gender. Most men may have a bit more of the masculine style and a bit less of the feminine style. Most women may have a bit more of the feminine style and a bit less of the masculine style.

It is the feminine business style – which I call fempreneurship – that excites me. It is that style, which I do not see entirely reflected in the title women entrepreneurships since the feminine business style really does embrace both, women and men. It is fempreneurship, which makes me curious, which I have been exploring and which I want to explore more, here on this blog, together with you.


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