curious market places


“These earrings are beautiful. Are you here with your stand on all market days?”

“No, not even every Friday. Sometimes we come, sometimes we don’t. Next week we will not be here for example.”

“Too bad I do not have any cash. How much are they?”

“They are 4 EUR. I have a card machine, I just have to start it if you like them.”

“Yes, I would like both of them.”

” … Oh, that doesn’t look good, the cash machine ran out of paper so it will not take the card. But don’t you have any coins with you?”


“Or something else … that you carry with you?”

“The only thing I have is stamps. Five 70 ct stamps. And then I have BVG Tickets, they are 2,25 EUR each.”

“Ah thats great. So we always need stamps. 5 stamps are 3,50 EUR. My wife always uses the public transport so we can take the 2 BVG Tickets, that makes 8 EUR together. Ah that even saves me a lot of card machine fees.”

“Oh how cool. Yes. Great. Thank you. Have a beautiful day.”

And I left. The most happiest person. For I love strass and adventures.

Markets are curious places. Both, sellers and buyers assume a point of departure where – if only the intention to sell/purchase is genuine – they are willing to go on that adventure, together, to make that deal possible.

pics:me     Earrings:
pics:me    Earrings:


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