the most beautiful place on earth: the blueberry edition

magic blueberries (pics:me)

A couple of days ago I woke up and felt I should go to the German Eastern See. So I packed my bags, got my bike and got on the next train up north … to experience the most beautiful place on this earth (among others) just around my corner.

I took pictures. A lot of pictures. Of beautiful woods, beautiful sees, beautiful me’s and  beautiful gems nature is holding for us out there. They (the pictures) come in three parts: the blue edition, the green edition, the blueberry edition.

Dive in and enjoy – and maybe it inspires you to wake up some morning to follow your heart to this beautiful part of our dear earth!


the blueberry edition

Before I go ahead I must share some words about myself and berries. Because I don’t like them. I really don’t like them. Apart from strawberries, which apparently aren’t berries but nuts.

I rode through the woods on my way to the beach and my eyes were caught by the tiny little blue dots on the bushes. This in itself is something, as they really are tiny (yeah not like mega huge ones the ones you get in the shop). You have to want to see them, which obviously I didn’t since I don’t like them.

A little further and the people sat in the bushes, picking, eating, filling their little jars. Which got me curious enough to try one and figure it’d taste o.k.ish enough for me to also pick some to add to my dinner. Of course I could’t stop picking. And now felt obliged to eat them and not let them go bad.

I made myself eat. One, another one and yet another one. And got so surprised, that the berries made me feel satisfied, made me feel my body had gotten all the nutrients it needs from a hand full of berries. Which struck me with awe. As I was not used to that feeling. I had not known it before.

It is beautiful to feel how nature provides for us, what is good. Provides what we need. Makes us fell. And happy.















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