Moonday Magics: ladies & gents – do you neglect your feminine business mode?

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Creativity takes time. At times. And so this Moonday Magic had to ripen a little longer. To be delivered in its beauty. And truly beautiful it is, so bare with me.

In Bodyworks & Kinesiology we assume that problems have their origin in an uneven accumulation of Energy. If we experience a challenge, it is because one area of our life/emotion/body has too little energy, leading to excess energy in another (and vice versa).

What displays to the outside is, many times, the area in our system, that has excess energy. 

The muscle that is aching is the muscle that has excess energy – it is too tensed.
The anger that we feel makes us unhappy is the emotion that has excess energy – it consumes us. 
The masculine business mode that makes us tensed and unhappy is the business mode that has excess energy – it compromises our economic situation and burns us out. 

These excess energies are mostly perceived as the problem.
However, we call these excess energies symptoms.

Conventionally we learn, that if there is excess in one area, we have to focus on making this area less. Relax the hurting muscle. Get the anger out of yourself. Get the masculine business mode out of your life. It is a tempting approach, since the symptoms are so eminent, so pressing. And so convenient an excuse from changing something on the actual issues at hand. It is, however, from all my experiences, futile at most. Because the causes will haunt us down eventually. Always. 

Hence, we work on supporting/strengthening the area in our system, that has too little energy. We assume that the underlying causes mostly lay with the under energy and hence …

… embrace our feminine business mode. It will relieve the masculine business mode, which had to compensate for our neglect of the feminine one to the degree of physical, emotional and economical break down.

… support the muscle that is too weak. It will sustainable stretch and relieve the antagonist muscle, which had to compensate for the weak muscle to the degree of aching.

… live our mildness. It will relieve the access energy from your anger, which had to compensate for your lack of living your emotions.

So the two sides in you will get back into balance – and the pains, hurtings, burnout … often disappear. Like Moonday Magic. How to support the areas with under energies? Here are some practical exercises:  A B C D. And feel free to comment and ask!

Happy Moonday Magicing. Have a beautiful week.

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Its this weeks Moonday Magic, so try the exercise here, there and everywhere, in the office/ on the road/ at home, throughout the coming days – AND let me know how it works its magics for you!

You want to support yourself more intensely? Dive in and find out about the magics your body holds for you, for your business and for your life. Book your in person or online Balance (coaching session) or your workshop/ webinar here and now!

*Moonday Magic are little bodyworks and kinesiology exercises that you can gift yourself  to start the week ahead full of energy, inspiration, joy and movement.  Its the moon, that gives the feminine in ourselves energy. Its such little movement exercises that make us feel the magic in our own bodies and have us put our magical products and services out there. Make Monday your moon day, fill your week with magic! Moonday Magics are intended as inspirational stories for you to generate the energy you need in a self-reliant manner: while they do reflect my own experiences & understanding of our bodily functioning, they are not intend to reflect the latest state of science. 

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