I woke up like that … and love my curls


Feeling blessed with my curls. They allow me to transform from my comfi into my business look within minutes. (pics:me)

I did this lill hairstyle on my way to the train. Walking. Within some two minutes. Without a clip or hairband or anything. Because I hadn’t washed my hair in 5 days and had to look somewhat decent for the networking event I was rushing to attend. 

Elevate yourself in the elevator. Ready for that networking! (pics:me)

I will never understand why people feel that curls are too difficult to handle. So many women – especially here in Germany – approach me and share that they have curls like mine but that they have straightened them all their life – for reasons of convenience. Often to the degree that no one even knows that they have curls.

I woke up like that … the next morning. Flawless. (pics:me)

At least for my self, I feel that curls are the most convenient thing that happened to me.

Do you love your natural hair the way it is? What do you do with your hair to feel comfortable and happy within yourself when you go to meetings that are important to you?

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