Moonday Magic: Food for Thought

Food can only be assessed as ‘beneficial’ or ‘non-beneficial’ in relation to the functioning of our individual bodies. (pics:me)

With this weeks webinar on nutrition coming up, its all about food. Food for thought.

There are a lot of schools on nutrition out there. Teaching us all about what/how/when to eat. And maybe more importantly – what NOT to eat.

In this jungle of guidelines I personally have been missing one particular school on nutrition: the school that our body tells us quite accurately, what nutrients we are lacking and what nutrition we need. How? In our colloquial language we call that ‘hunger‘ or ‘appetite‘ or, if we ignore the former two states for too long of a time, ‘craving‘.

Food by itself valued as beneficial or not. Whether it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ can only be determined in relation to the functioning of our individual bodies.

And so there are several reasons, why I feel and also live along my body’s guidelines of hunger and craving:

  • the nutrition we need depends very much on our life style and the over all situation we find ourselves in. If we work a lot, we need a lot of energy. If we chill, we need less. We have to eat accordingly.
  • varying with the region we live in / acquire our food from, food contains more or less of its standard nutrients depending on the soil crops grow on.
  • your organs and metabolism may be able to digest or absorb certain nutrients and fail to process others. Or may be able to only make use of certain nutrients in combination with others.
  • … no single school of nutrition can answer to so many individual circumstances. The source that can inform you on that quite reliably is … your body.

But …. then what about all our cravings for sugar and burgers and chocolate and and and!?! Take them serious. It is your body’s way to tell you that you do not have enough energy to fuel your work / activity pace. Meaning you can decide to either eat more (carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins) OR to work less.

Our most common mistake is that we try to eat relatively little in order to eat according to what is deemed a ‘health nutritionbut do not reduce our workload – especially brain/thinking related work absorbs immense amounts of energy. Its a trap. Our body will always make sure to get the energy it needs. If not via regular food, then via sugar, sweets and fries.

So to me, all these schools on food are beautiful inspirations. That give me options to experiment, to pick and choose, to figure out what fits and what does not fit my current situation. Nothing more, nothing less.

For the rest, I trust the cravings of my body and enjoy my life.

Check out the upcoming webinar on ‘Ernährung auf Fem: finde heraus, welche Ernährung dich erfüllt.’

Stuffed Spelt / Minced Meat Pumpkin with Salad (pics:me)

Its this weeks Moonday Magic, so try the exercise here, there and everywhere, in the office/ on the road/ at home, throughout the coming days – AND let me know how it works its magics for you!

You want to support yourself more intensely? Dive in and find out about the magics your body holds for you, for your business and for your life. Book your in person or online Balance (coaching session) or your workshop/ webinar here and now!

*Moonday Magic are little bodyworks and kinesiology exercises that you can gift yourself  to start the week ahead full of energy, inspiration, joy and movement.  Its the moon, that gives the feminine in ourselves energy. Its such little movement exercises that make us feel the magic in our own bodies and have us put our magical products and services out there. Make Monday your moon day, fill your week with magic! Moonday Magics are intended as inspirational stories for you to generate the energy you need in a self-reliant manner: while they do reflect my own experiences & understanding of our bodily functioning, they are not intend to reflect the latest state of science. 

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