Magical bodies

Life gets tough and tiering when live by our head only – follow our thought in circles, constantly controlling what to do nor not, following other peoples advise cause we ourselves do not have any idea where to go and what to do. Ringing a bell there?

And yet there is our body. Full of energy. Full of information. Constantly giving us hints on what will be good for us personally to do. Trying to guide us to walk the way and do the things that inspire us.

It is difficult for us to read our body. To use the i formation our body provides us. Via its reactions of joy, fears, tension, pains hurtings, emptiness, fulfillment or relaxations or … So difficult and confusing that we have gotten used to quieting our body. With ignorance. And also with medication.

At least for some time. Because if we are truely honest with ourselves, then we know that the pain we supress in our back will popp up with more heavy pains in our head. Or elsewhere. Ya, cause the body will always talk. Until we listen.

And when we finally listen. Even a little bit. Step by step. Walking through our lives with the rational of our heads and the never ending deep wisdom of our body. We fill us. With ourselves. Fully. Fulfilled.

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