Moonday Magic: slow is beautiful


Ever so often I get into slow motion. I walk slow. I talk slow. I work slow. I drive slow. I eat slow. And there are days I even manage to slow my mind.

Many people get angry with me when I am in that mode. Impatient looks, angry behaviour from friends, loved ones, as well as from strangers.

But I do not mind them too much. For they don’t know the magic of being slow. They don’t know that slow makes us feel. Beautiful.

It took quite some time to figure out the trick.

I tried it with my mind. To control myself into being slow. Usually I would realise some hours later, catching myself doing 5 things at the same time as fast as possible, that my attempt to be slow must have escaped my controlling mind just some few seconds after taking the thought.

It was only when I tried my body, that finally it made click.

I call the exercise ‘slow touch’. It doesn’t require much. A blanket, a warm room, yourself, and if you like a person of trust. Sit or lay down and touch your bare skin – or let it be touched. On your hand, your leg, your face and your whole body, once you are ready and it does not feel too much. Now challenge yourself or the person, to let the touch be ever so tender and slower than slow. When you cover your entire body with that touch, you will get up and you will know.

That slow is beautiful.

Have a magical week.


Its this weeks Moonday Magic, so try the exercise here, there and everywhere, in the office/ on the road/ at home, throughout the coming days – AND let me know how it works its magics for you!

You want to support yourself more intensely? Dive in and find out about the magics your body holds for you, for your business and for your life. Book your in person or online Balance (coaching session) or your workshop/ webinar here and now!

*Moonday Magic are little bodyworks and kinesiology exercises that you can gift yourself  to start the week ahead full of energy, inspiration, joy and movement.  Its the moon, that gives the feminine in ourselves energy. Its such little movement exercises that make us feel the magic in our own bodies and have us put our magical products and services out there. Make Monday your moon day, fill your week with magic! Moonday Magics are intended as inspirational stories for you to generate the energy you need in a self-reliant manner: while they do reflect my own experiences & understanding of our bodily functioning, they are not intend to reflect the latest state of science. 

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