When ‘In’ Heels: Fashionable Fempreneurship


Do you do that? Share the collection of last year’s Fashion Week fave designer on the first day of this years Fashion week? But then again – its Sustainable fashion, so it it works all fine for me.

So let me introduce to you the Label

Bullet Bras Jewelery

While I absolutely love the idea behind the Label Inheels collection and the idea behind Bullet Bras Jewelery, it was Taeko, one of the founders, that I absolutely loved for her courage, passion, love and dedication for the brand and products. I spent ages at her stand and we shared our stories and experiences as women in business, our dreams, challenges and desires – while fitting the collection.

It made me realise how much products actually reflect and carry the beauty of those that create or curate them. That it is this, which makes collections shine, not only from the outside, but also from the inside. And that it is that shine, which attracts me to purchase. Plus – I am being pulled towards all this shining and sparkling gold like a magnet, always – hahahaha!

pics:me Taeko sharing her story and collection with customers Green Showroom 2016


pics:me Inheels Green Showroom 2016


pics:me Inheels Green Showroom 2016


pics:me Inheels Green Showroom 2016



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