Moonday Magic: the magic of fairy tails … are you ready to free your emotions?

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 18.06.14
pics: song of the sea – Amhrán Na Farraige – selkie song

There are the kind of wisdoms, veiled in children’s stories and fairy tails, that are passed on over generations, to teach us what it means to live in this our human body. Teach us, how to navigate the ups and downs of our body, of our emotions and of our minds. 

Listening to them when we are children is an exciting and innocent adventure. There is something about this kind of stories that makes sure we keep them in mind. Sometimes only fractions of them but, they are there, buried deep in our memory. Until one day we come across them, again, and they unfold an almost surprising depth of wisdom. A depth no piece of scientific research or psychological technique can reach.

Its this animated story of the selkie that I came across these past days. It fascinated me back than, when I was a child. It is so touching now. Are you ready to free your emotions?

Its this weeks Moonday Magic, so try the exercise here, there and everywhere, in the office/ on the road/ at home, throughout the coming days – AND let me know how it works its magics for you!

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*Moonday Magic is a lill boat I invite you to jump onto every week, to join me on my adventurous journey of discovering feminine entrepreneurship & the body in business. It is sharings of inspirations & bodyworks exercises that I discover on the journey to myself. You can try them and gift them yourself  to start the week ahead full of energy, inspiration, joy and movement.  Its the moon, that gives the feminine in ourselves energy. Its such little movement exercises & inspirations that make us feel the magic in our own bodies and have us put our magical products and services out there. Make Monday your moon day, fill your week with magic! Moonday Magics are intended as inspirational stories for you to generate the energy you need in a self-reliant manner: while they do reflect my own experiences & understanding of our bodily functioning, they are not intend to reflect the latest state of science. 

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