FemFeature: Dinah Rodrigues on the beauty of hormones in business

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I had this amazing honor to interview the stunningly #beautiful 90 year old #DinahRodrigues who created hormoneyogaWe talked about how important a balance of hormones is to be in flow and feel fulfilled in business and career as woman. View the full interview below!

FemFeature gives you a flavour of entrepreneurs that cross my path and share their feminine business and leaderships gems. For you to feel, how it feels. And for you to feel, where in your life you already do things that give you that feeling. So you can transfer it to those areas of your life, where you would love to have that feeling, too.

You want to support your own feminine business & leadership styles? Dive in and find out about the magics your body holds for you, for your business and for your life. Book your in person or online fempreneurship Balance (coaching session) or your workshop/ webinar here!

Fem Feature at a glance: click here.

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