HerStory: Art on the Skin at Berlin Fashion Week 2017


There is something fascinating to me about fashion and fashion shows. People often feel the fashion industry to be the most superficial thing there is out there. And yet it is all about our second skin – the stuff we wear on our body every day. About whether it goes under our skin – and under the skin of those people surrounding us. Something so super deep.

The kind of stuff that makes us feel in certain ways and that we use to express how we feel. Is a peace of cloths able to make us feel so comfortable that we can carry ourselves – our bodies – with grace and beauty in front to the press, the buyers, the thousand eyes in a way that they develop a longing for experiencing that very same feeling?

Certainly, much more, when you know that it has been created with ecologically friendly material. And with working conditions where the creator could put their love and not their blood into producing whatever it is we are having on ourselves. Our second skin.

Come join my journey to this years Green Showroom / Ethical Fashion Week at Berlin Fashion Week BELOW!



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