HerStory: Tech Open Air meets Body Magic

Join me for a lill ride – to Tech Open Air Festival Germany ?

I super enjoyed the dive into all these lill practical tech solutions that allow me to pull off all these super professional biz services as small entrepreneur. They make my life so much easier and exciting. 

It amazes me over and again how much money time energy and love we invest into perfectioning technology – esp. artificial intelligence – making it ‘more human’ while we don’t even us 5% of what our own human body is capable off. Sometimes I feel that every advancement in tech gives me a peek into what I am able to do with my body – for I feel that whatever we are able to create and have an external technology doing we must be able to do it a million times more eloquent, fluen and elegant with our own body. When only we try ✨. And so I find myself working with even more joy and passsion on my hormone yoga for ever lasting beauty after listening to this cell rejuvenating talk by scientist I forgot his name.

Before I let you off to dive into the day with me with the story below: I was so fortunate to spent some time with a dear sis entrepreneuress of mine, Anna – we know each other since kindergarten – and sharing with her about my experiences, listening to hers and giving each other advise gave me so much deep learning and understandings! Exchanging with fellow entrepreneurs that vibe your energy is just so super important! I will bring more of this into my life for sure, will you?

Enjoy the story time below!



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