The Lions Gate

The many talk of a new era – the era of the feminine, of the right brain hemisphere, the era of love and peace and feeling one. The era of the women being granted their due place and space.

The few are humble to realise that the centuries of wars, destruction, separation and hierarchy may not have been an excess of the left brain hemisphere, of the masculine – of bullying men taking their space. But rather a lack of the feminine filling its space. Women especially – but likewise men – not showing up in their feminine. And the masculine hence having to improvise in compensating what was left as a void space – to keep the balance.

The many are hailing a triumphant return of the feminine in a victory over the unbridled masculine. Looking forward for it getting easier for the women in this world with many women being set up to hold a majority of the feminine energy and only a smaller part of the masculine energy in them*. Eventually.

The few are ready to admit to themselves that the changing times and energies bring with them and deliver right to our doorstep the hurtings of realising that we did not fulfill our due responsibilities in living and filling out our feminine side that would maintain the balance of nature, the balance of the yin and the yang. Over so many generations and centuries. That it is the women that have betrayed and sold the larger part of themselves – their feminine -, maxing out whatever masculine they had inside of them, while many men kept the majority of their beings* – their masculine – in tact. And that hence what we, especially the women, are experiencing in our own lives is nothing even close to a triumphant procession. But rather the deep pains, mournings and horrors of realising that we have betrayed ourselves. The we have been abandoning the responsibilities bestowed upon us by the universe to contribute our fair share to the balance of the universe. That we have abandoned such a large part of ourselves. That we have been choosing for the easier road of avoiding our feminine, over and again, instead of walking the challenging road of showing up.

Like a mother realising her failure of raising her once abandoned but now adult child – who’s father made many mistakes while just trying to compensate for her absence. Somehow.

Let us be loving, be slow, be soft, be gentle with ourselves when the pains overcome and overwhelm us. Let us appreciate the masculine in ourselves and in this world for having shown up – while the feminine did not. And let us dare to be feminine at long last. For we can not change the past. But we can take responsibility to fill the feminine spaces with the feminine energies and therewith contribute our share to the balance of the yin and the yang, now. In every moment. And in the future. For a balance.


*Deeply respecting that there are many women that are more masculine & men that are also more feminine, as every person has its very individual set up and combination of feminine and masculine in themselves. This is the best I can express myself at the point always open to learn.

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