Lisa M.bodyworks: Water?


Did you ever consider that drinking water is about bringing your best self into your business – not about ‘fulfilling the must number of drinking 1 1/2 litre a day?


Read on for some beautiful inspirations on water & fem bizz.

Did this get you curious? Watch on for some beautiful inspirations on water & fem bizz.

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*I learned much about the relevance of water from my own experience and experimentations, Educational Kinesiology, Simone Scholz, biology class (school is good for something after all 😉

Lisa M.bodyworks is a continuously emerging body of exercises that I use in my bodyworks coaching work with women entrepreneurs that want to embrace the beauty & power of their feminine in building their business. The exercises are aimed at bringing forth the amazingness and beauty your body can gift to you – your business, your work and your private life – when only you listen to and follow it’s advise. Klick HERE to learn more about how you can work with me to let Your Secret Body Solutions guide you to live your business & career with the power of your feminine way

All exercises are inspired by the work of many other people from the various fields of bodyworks techniques, by activities that we do in our every day life and eventually they are inspired by my vivid imagination, creativity and experience.

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