Lisa M.bodyworks: Heart Breathing

We often judge & align ourselves, our activities and our pace (how fast or slow we do things) along external factors or along what we perceive our environment expects from us. Like other people. Like our social upbringing. Like watches. Meanwhile there is one thing and one thing only that determines our rhythm & pace throughout our days and our entire life: that is our heart beat. In this exercise we align our breathing with our heart beat and thereby re-connect to our very own pace.

Lay your hand on your heart so you feel your heart beat. Now breath in the rhythm of your heart counting four heart beats. Hold your inhaled breath in the rhythm of your heart counting four heart beats. Breath out all air that is in you in the rhythm of your heart counting four heart beats. Hold your exhaled breath in the rhythm of your heart counting four heart beats. Repeat until you feel your breathing in tune with your own heart rhythm.

Sometimes you may find it difficult to feel your heart beat. Start doing the exercises counting till four each time, after some time you will realise you get out of breath, this is when your heart will start pumping the more and you will feel and find your heart beating. You can now adjust your counting to the rhythm of your heart beating. Also, it helps to press your hand a little bit more down on your rib cage on your left chest under your breast towards your sternum to feel your heart beat.

Do this exercise whenever you are not sure whether you are too fast or too slow. Remember the pace is in you!


I love to hear back from you on how this exercises was helpful! I am looking forward to read your experiences in the comments below

Lisa M.bodyworks is a continuously emerging body of exercises that I use in my bodyworks coaching work with women entrepreneurs that want to embrace the beauty & power of their feminine in building their business & living their life. The exercises are aimed at bringing forth the amazingness and beauty your body can gift to you – your business/work and your personal life – when only you listen to and follow it’s advise. Klick HERE to learn more about how you can work with me to let Your Secret Body Solutions guide you to live your business & career with the power of your feminine way. 

All exercises are inspired by the work of many other people from the various fields of bodyworks techniques, by activities that we do in our every day life and eventually they are inspired by my vivid imagination, creativity and experience.

*This exercises is inspired by yoga breathing + my own ingredients.


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