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Elderberry juice is that magical potion gifted to us by the other world to bring our brain and central nerve system to top performance throughout the dark and cold months of the winter time.

And so they are there, everywhere, ripe and ready with the first cool autumn breeze, waiting for us to plug and select and boil them down into the delicious dark red juice they are.


Elder bushes grow literally everywhere in gardens, parks, woods, out in nature. They often grow not all too high so you can easily blug them from the lower branches.

Take them home and select them into a cooking pot, you can choose to sort the berries picking out the green unripe ones.

Now boil them for an hour or two on medium heat and fill them into glass bottles. Make sure to sterelize the bottles beforehand and close them with a vakuum.

Et voila, ready is your smart brain potion. It tasts most delicious when you mix it in a cup with 2/3 hot water and agave sirup!

And when all this is too much for you – too much too much – just go to the bio store, apotheke or reformhaus, you can purchase it there, too!

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Thanks Plänterwald + Die alte Göttenin und ihre Pflanzen + Dr. Sebi for your inspirations on the elder bush/ berry / blossoms <3

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