BodyLucious: bitter sweet life

Cause its a bitter sweet symphony this life …
Certainly more bitter while we are eating all this sweet stuff. Maybe though, only maybe baby, life’ll turn so much sweeter when getting more of that bitter stuff onto our plates. Like Dandelion. One of the most healthiest and delicious greens for salad.

It kept its natural bitter taste many bitter foods we buy like e.g. rucola no longer have. And bitter is so super important for our liver and for our heart.

It was back in 2010 when I was studying in Accra, Ghana, that I got to know the dandelion salad. I was living with my dear friend back then and we were all about healthy local food.
She would listen to this one radio program where the wise man shared his wisdom with the people about everything healthy – and I was sitting on her to translate to me every single word. Ya, it was all in the local dialect and I was such a slow learner …

The dandelion leavesrich in Vitamine K, A, C, B6, flavonoids – we would get from the back yard and wash them with vinegar to kill all the germs and then eat them with some tomatoes, avocado and salt.

And so I do up to date – the dandelion leaves I get from the backyard of my house or the nearby woods/park, I wash them with vinegar to kill the germs and clear the dirt. I cut them together with some tomatoes, cucumber, avocado or whatever veggies I have at hand, add some dressing using salt, pepper, white grape vinegar and agave sirup and ENJOY!!!

How can you eat from the greens that grow in the city with all the contamination of humans and animals – yeah this is what I get asked a lot. I make sure to go to the green islands, the parks, the yards, which we find all over Berlin, I clean them very well and am aware that the pesticides on and genetic modification of the veggies that I buy are probably way more harmful to me than some lill dirt that may sneak through the cleaning process. This is how I do it :- )

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Lisa M. bodylucious is all about sharing the food heavens that elevate ourselves in our bodies to cloud #9. I have been spending a lot of time in the past years to experiment with food and nutrition: on what is good for me, what makes me feel happy and healthy, what gives me the nutrients I need has my body relax. Trying so many various schools of nutrition was part of this journey. It brought me to my one and only golden truth that our body knows exactly what nutrients it needs or lacks and which food will best provide these. And the more, our body lets us know what it needs through our appetite and cravings. That is why I love cravings as they are a pure expression of our body’s wisdom. YES, even the ones for chocolate and lemonade. And yes, I am crazy. Did I get you curious? Check out all about the BodyLucious Food for Thought and Business here.

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