Berlin Fashion Week 2018: My Green Glam Fashion Faves

It is Berlin Fashion Week 2018 AW18/19 – time for fashion, glam and looking good. How about feeling good on top of all that? Well, when you want that, then the Green Showroom / Ethical Fashion Week Berlin – my one and only go to showroom during Berlin Fashion Week – is your go-to destination. *cover pics:ernesto.look

All designs that are presented at this showroom are sustainable in material, fair in production and healthy to wear on the skin and on our body. You know how crazy I am when it comes to treating our body well so we can relax – yep it definitely does include the things we wear day in and out on our skin, the material we breathe in, the history that is woven into the fabrics during production. Wearing organic, sustainable and socially fair produced clothing does make a difference. Not only with regard to our conscience but also and especially with regard to how much our body, our muscles, our skin and our entire system can relax. For, when wearing chemicals our body is constantly engaged in protecting itself and its cells so it will not get harmed by these chemicals. Constantly tensed. To give you a taste of how absolutely beautiful such kind of fashion can make you look and feel I’ll share my faves of this years showroom.

My Winter 2018 Green Showroom Faves:

I love wandering through the showroom, letting myself be drawn to the most beautiful pieces, designs, brands and stories. Enjoy my faves!

My fave designer: Jana Keller
My favorite designer discovery of this January’s Green Showroom Ethical Fashion Week is defenitely Jana Keller / Royal Blush. Jana, designer and owner of Royal Blush and also the co-founder of Green Showroom itself opened to me an entirely new dimension of high fashion life style with a consience with every single one of her pieces. I was absorbed into the soft materials, the royal but simple appearence and the practicality of her alpaca dresses, jackets and leather accessory. I wore one of her absolutely stunning belts and it transformed everything in and around me. Truly Royal Blush. Come get absorbed with me!


My fave piece: raincoat by Langer Chen
My fave piece of this January’s Green Showroom Ethical Fashion Week is this rain coat by Langer Chen. I came, I saw, I fell in love. I love light colors, I love bright colors. This rain coat has both, feels super comfortable + has the good vibes in it that Langer Chen Founder & Creative Director Philipp Langer spreads. Is that a coincidence? I don’t think so!


My fave brand: Cocccon
A brand is not just a piece of clothing. It is an experience. Cocccon creates the experience of how positive and constructive, happy and laughing people can get when the products that they put out into the world – the products they sell, wear and surround themselves with – are peaceful sustainable and organic through and through. Cocccon produces organic, vegan, socially just and peaceful silk in India. The cocoons are punctuated a tiny little bit for the lava to leave, only then is the silk cocoon woven into fabrics. ‘Creativity can care’ is what the three c’s stand for: when what you surround yourself with and what you sell does not harm the environment, animals, the people, you are surrounded by the good and positive vibes that allow you to feel and live happily. To enjoy your life. Cocccon is a family, its organic vegan peaceful silk and designs pure beauty.


My fave fabric: Baby Alpaca Knitwear
When it is so soft and warm that you don’t want to let it off your skin again it probably is baby alpaca. Patricia Lopez from Peru use it for much of their absolutely beautiful knitwear fashion line. They asked me to model one of their cardigans and gifted me these wristlets that I since did not take off again. They are soooo warm <3



My fave catwalk show: Green Showroom
This time around Green Showroom Salon Show was merged with the Ethical Fashion Week show. Nevertheless, the show was green glam at its finest, bringing all the amazing good vibes and fashion industry people together that we can dream of. Of course, I was there together with my one and only boo Ernest O. Look who knows like no other how to mesmerize the media and the fashion world. Special thanks to Thimo for always making sure that we can enjoy the runway show from the best spot.



What remains: my dress. Of course.
Where does this amazing dress I wore come from? I still remember that it was hot and humid outside, on that summer day during last years summer Berlin fashion week when I was passing by the brand called Vill Vill. Or at least trying to pass by, because their pieces mesmerized me instantly. The thought of being able to wear a dress in the cold winter season that would keep me warm throughout filled me with so much happiness that I had to get it. And since am happy ever after!


Lisa M. Wennekes is a witch / body & biz coach for women entrepreneurs that want to run a successful and fulfilling business that is in tune with their cycle and aligned with how their woman’s body works. For more information visit us at

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