Lisa M.PRESS: the vision of a body empire

Did this our new facebook page cover pics (see above) pass through your facebook news feed during the Christmas holidays? Or did you receive one of these New years greets and notice the changes in our u weblinks?

Yes, between the years we launched our new umbrella brand Lisa M.PRESS at on the quiet.

Well not all on the quiet as I was overwhelmed by the many messages I got from you that went like

“Liiiiissaa! Did you marry?!?!”  
My sister even called 
me crying “Lisa so you don’t want to be called Wennekes again???”

It dawned on me only then how well I had established my name brand Lisa M. Wennekes at over the past 7 years. My work, my brand, my business was myself. And I was my brand. I was my business.

At least to the outside world. Because behind the scenes my busy innovative never wanting to rest body and mind had long created products and services that were more than the business coaching and consulting services I offered under Lisa M. Wennekes.

There was Lisa M.bodycare, the body care products that over the years grew into a body care product line that opens to us women the beauty of physically feeling our woman’s body, of living and enjoying different sides and woman characters that we all carry in us.

There came Fempreneurships, the blog and coaching program around living and enjoying the perks of running our business based on how we function as women – with our cyclical, emotional, social nature.

More project collaborations are on the rise for this year around. And so the time had come to move my business to the next level. From the business that was based on my person – Lisa M.Wennekes – to the business that is based on my vision and mission: Lisa M.PRESS.

So what is the vision, the mission underlying Lisa M.PRESS?

We have the vision that there must be something so very special and unique about our body, for our soul to embark on this crazy journey called “life in a human body” on this our beautiful planet earth. We have the mission to explore the extraordinary sensations we can experience when only we relax into, feel and trust the innate wisdom of our body. And to offer to you products and services that will allow you to feel the unique and dazzling feeling you are capable of experiencing in your own body.

Lisa M.PRESS came to life as the umbrella brand for these body-services and body-products that we offer. A brand that holds the space to forge an empire that celebrates the body. A brand that holds space for us to celebrate our body as our empire. To revive the magic of our bodies in the spirit of THE EMPRESS.

So, beautiful people, I did not marry. And did not change my name. My name is still Lisa Mareike Wennekes. But my business has grown into something that is more than just me. It has grown into Lisa M.PRESS.

So, hey, stop by at Share with me what you love, your ideas and inspirations, your questions! We are looking forward to gently guide you to the magic your body holds for you!


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