Moonday Magic: offline


When was the last time you experienced an ‘off the line’? Not accessing your E-mails, your facebook, your instagram, your google, your … How did that make you feel? Did you feel?

I switched it off, my wifi. And my mobile data. For the past 5 days . . .

That was while I had my period. I had been taking times off work while menstruating for a while now. And while it was such a blessing I realised that I wasted so much of the time and space I had thereby created for myself … online. Which made me feel even more drained than before.

And so the internet had to go.

This was the second time I switched it off (with a little cheating here and there) for the days of menstruation. It feels like being on a substance detox every time and again…

First comes the panic.
Panic that I am ruining my life because talking about being offline for some days is all good and nice but actually DOING it is impossible. Others may be able to do it but it simply won’t work in my case … Because my work requires me to be available and interactive online. At all times.
And then, time goes by and with it I can slowly ease into the realisation that nothing is being ruined cause I took care of everything before going offline for these few days + when someone really needs to get in touch they will always call.

Then comes the self-destruction.
I start driving myself completely mad because I do not know what to do with myself. I feel useless, worthless and alone. Feelings that are no longer cushioned by the always and ever busy and social net suddenly get a space to be expressed – and it does not feel pretty at all.
Yet, braving through these moments by taking care of myself, eating good food, sleeping, taking a hot bath, doing nothing, has been opening up a space that makes the offline detox all worth the while to me: the feeling of being fulfilled.

For, it is only then, that they kick in: the rushes of happiness, relaxation, inspiration, all of it unfolding from within myself.
There is so much within ourselves. So much energy, so much beauty, so much creativity. It is upon us to dare create times and spaces for it to unfold and come out.

Happy Moonday Magic

Its this weeks Moonday Magic*, so try the exercise here, there and everywhere, in the office/ on the road/ at home, throughout the coming days – AND let me know how it works its magics for you!

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*Moonday Magic are hands on practices, inspirations, bodyworks and kinesiology exercises that I gift myself to start the week ahead full of energy, inspiration, joy and movement. I share them with you, so you can gift yourself, too. Its the moon, that gives the feminine in ourselves energy. Its such practices that make us feel the magic in our own bodies and have us put our magical products and services out there. Make Monday your moon day, fill your week with magic! Moonday Magics are intended as inspirational stories for you to generate the energy you need in a self-reliant manner: pic whatever empowers & supports you, adjust to make it suit your individual circumstances and simply drop the rest <3

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