Femprenerships Rites & Rituals: Summer Break

Every year I go on summer break.
For two months.

It is a most beautiful and intense phase of my year. A space where I do not plan anything but just do whatever comes my way. A time full of magic as I meet and share time with whoever comes my way.

The past months have been super intense and focused on one of my biggest dreams: composing an online class that makes our Fempreneurships work accessible to so many more of you! And while I was doing the most intense work behind the scenes, its been rather quiet on our social media channels for much of June. Now, I am looking forward to rest, to reflect, to recharge, to be fully present and to open myself to that, which comes. In September. With the publication of our first ever online course ๐Ÿ˜Š

So, there’ll be some more weeks of quietness.
But in the mean, time enjoy your summer. Take some breaks. Do nothing.
Read up more on our do-nothing-summer-break-rites below.
And stay tuned for our big September online course launch!

Sending you loads of love โค๏ธ

It was four years ago that I realised my vacation time had turned into something almost as stressful as my every day work life – just in a different way . . .

Do you know the habbit of postponing all the things you enjoy doing, but feel you don’t have the time for, to your vacation time? And the habbit of postponing the family and friends visits to vacation time? And wanting to explore the world during your vacation time? And returning from your trip so very full of beautiful impressions and adventurous experiences that you’d actually need another vacation before feeling ready to get back to work?

That was me for years. Vacation time was beautiful for sure but far from recreational. And always too short: I’d feel that they just started and had already passed while I had not done anything of what I had planned.

So I decided to give it a try. To go on a summer break where I would not plan anything. Where I would do whatever comes up, where I would meet and share time with whoever would cross my path. Where I would comfort myself in not doing anything in particular for much of the time.

It was magical. I had everything: beautiful encounters, explorations of new places, loads of rest and at the end of my summer break I was so very much full of energy and inspiration for my work. I practice it ever since.

What does this mean practically?

Ahead of the break

Ahead of the break I block two months after the summer solstice, where I do not do any coaching sessions, where I am free of publications and plans or anything that I need to do at a particular point in time. I stay free of plans on any trips or dates or social meet ups ahead of the break.

During the break

During the break itself I do the things that come up and feel good and in line with how I feel in that very moment. There is a lot of time where I do not do anything really. Sleeping, maybe sitting around, eating good, slow food, being out in nature. When people get in touch, I feel whether it is in tune and meet up or when not in tune stay by myself. At times I switch off my internet and stay offline all together. When I feel drawn to travel I pack my bags and go.

It does take quite a couple of days for me to let go of the planning and to immerse into the being present, enjoying what is and receiving what comes, every year over and again. And yes, there are exceptions to my ‘not making any plans’ rite. Some times more, at other times less๐Ÿ˜‰ But the moment I let go of plans, appointments and control, that feeling of beeing fulfilled, happy and so very much alive is right there with meโ˜€๏ธ

In the end

I always feel my life can go on like this for ever. Because while I do not plan for anything, everything works out so perfectly fine. And all along I am so very much full and filled with energy. After all, with every year I am able to bring a little more of this energy into my every day life.

Did this get you curious? I know, the two months is quite radical – but let it be some days, maybe a week ๐Ÿ˜Š

Enjoy your summer + dare to break!

pics: FylipClous/me

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