Fempreneurships Rites & Rituals: new beginnings

There must be something so very unique and magical about the body, for our soul to embark on this crazy journey called ‘life in a human body’ on this our beautiful planet earth.”  Lisa

Here I am, back from my two months long summer break☀️ with the new moon of the virgo season🌑 I gathered a huge pile of inspiration over the weeks that are ready and just waiting to be shared with you: neatly formatted in our very first and soon to be published “Fempreneurships in Motion” online course (stay tuned for more to come on that in the coming days!) 🌿

Not however, before re-sharing the most important thing of all. My very personal WHY of my journey to shape my work life ‘the feminine way’, which informs every single one of the sharings I am putting out here for you: I am doing it all for my body. For the love of my body ❤️


Much of the talk that celebrates the feminine in business & leadership leaves those trying to live up to these ever more crazy attributions to the ‘super hero feminine’ empty and burned out – even worse than prior to the ‘feminine for leadership’ hype😯

BECAUSE, and this is what I feel, the hype got this tiny but important detail wrong: those of us that are very feminine (and I am not referring to women only here but all of us that feel feminine) are as excellent in their job, in business and leadership, as those of us that are very masculine. BUT we do have a different style, different means or let me call it skills, to get to the same end. Means and skills that apparently are so fundamentally foreign to the prevailing work culture norms that UP TO DATE, our very much masculine shaped work culture / economy has been unable to grasp their profound value and beauty and continuously devalues and rejects everything and all about them as unprofessional and impossible.

I just want to mention #slowworkstyle #intuitiveorganisation #cyclicalworkflow #emotionalintelligence to name a few.

Which is fatal for those of us that are very feminine especially when it comes to our work life. Because this is how we are. This is how we excel. And the chronic stress we put ourselves through when trying to work to perfection those masculine skills and means of getting ever faster, ever more punctual, efficient, structured, to bring about the desired outcomes in our jobs and businesses and work lives take away all the beauty and shining from the area of our life that actually stands for self-realisation and self-fulfilment. And more so, they exhaust us. They destroy us. They numb our bodies. And worse.

But we hardly notice this since we have gotten acquainted to work being hard, tedious and stressful, the new status quo has levelled up to headaches, back pain, burn out and co as the new norm.

When only we would be able to trust our innate skills, our intuition, our cyclical nature, our slowness, our softness, our emotional intelligence, …, for they are exactly the skills that allow you to bring home our very desired outcomes in our work life. It would have us realise that our work life can be so easy. That we can relax in our work life. That we can shine without breaking apart once the project or presentation or … is complete And that we can actually start to feel one of the most amazing gifts of our life: the beautiful sensations – and not pain or tension – that our human body holds for us ✨

I feel that embracing these feminine means and skills is what ’empowering the feminine in our work culture’ actually means 🌸

I hope I will be able to continue to inspire you in the coming weeks and months. And I hope the bodyworks tools I am sharing with you help you to trust yourself and your intuition, empower you to embrace and practice your own feminine means and skills in your work life and to feel the magic your body holds for you when only you can relax and let go💕

Sending lots of love & beaty & softness your way 

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