Rites & Rituals: release

“What do you feel ready to release into the world in the coming three months of autumn🍃 What is it that you need to hold onto for it gives you life and has you thrive in your work life🎑?”

Tomorrow, 23rd September, we celebrate the autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere. Die Herbst-Tag-und-Nacht-Gleiche.  A day of perfect equilibrium between day light and night darkness. A day, that heralds the dark season, since from tomorrow next onwards the days are going to be consecutively shorter than our nights ⚫☀️⚫

I have been struggeling quite a lot already during the past two weeks, feeling that the light of the day is fading way to early. Getting frustrated with the twilight robbing me of my preciouss relaxing after-work-evening-hours in the nearby woods that keep me saint 😑

And it is only today, in the midst of my autumn-equinox-break, a space of quietness, nothingness and orientation that I gift myself with each season’s turning point, when I realised:

“It is rites & rituals that help us keep our work life flowing with the earth’s seasons🌍+☀️ They gift us with a healthy pace and rhythm. They keep us in motion and at a go.” 🎑

Autumn is the season of letting go. Letting go what we no longer need🍂 While holding onto what is good for us. What nurtures us. What has us thrive🐚

Watching the ease and grace with witch the trees start to release not only the fruits of all their spring and summer labour but also their leaves I can’t but wonder why on earth it feels so difficult for me to let go. To release and thereby offer to the world what I no longer need. AND to realise with clarity what it is that nurtures me, that I need to live and thrive and hence need to hold onto. Especially in my work life. . . Looking/ listening left and right, the same applies to all the people surrounding me. To you, too? 🙄

It seems that we use quite the amount of our energy to hold onto, what we no longer need and enjoy in our work life, convincing ourselves that this is what we have to do cause this is how our work culture functions and since we have to earn money we do not have a choice🤷🏾‍♀️ And adding to this already potent potion is a mix of frustration and desperation cause no matter how deligently we complete the duties of our labour, the dreams of jobs, tasks, clients, audiences that have us feel happy and fulfilled, that have us share our gifts, our creativity, that allow us to unfold our potential simply do not appear in our work live. And of course will never do so unto the point where we simply stop and drop doing what is ripe to release in offer to those who actually enjoy doing those very same activities. Thereby creating space and energy for that to come, which we enjoy🤦🏼‍♀️

It also seems we let go of and give to our colleagues, clients, superiours, jobs, what we actually need to feel nurtured, what we need to live. What we need to thrive. Jobs. Tasks. Money. Positions. Products. Services. In a completely twisted and destructive spirit of charity. For, the moment we give to others what we need to live, we start getting needy on them. And start to passively aggressive accuse others on how they can be so ignorant to not see us suffering🙇🏻‍♀️ And we continue this suffering for, it is upon us to clearly communicate, state and hold on to whatever it is we need to live and thrive🌱

And while letting the heat of the autumn sun relax and release my body to surrender to the release of the seasons flow, I realise that this year’s autumn is all about releasing our new Self-Study course “Your Body’s Secret Solutions to Your Time Management” out into the world♥️ It is the cumulation from my creative energy from winter throughout spring and summer. I am fully filled with the beauty and gifts of having all the time in the world in my work life for everything I desire. It is now time to publish the work and make it accessible to all of you who desire to feel at ease and relaxed with your time organisation in your work life🍃

Slowly. With ease. And grace🧜🏾‍♀️

And hold onto my the time in the woods that I need to be calm. To relax. To radiate and shine. In the afternoon. Cause releasing does not take quite that much work, energy and effort after all🌳

What do you feel ready to release into the world in the coming three months of autumn? What is it that you need to hold onto for it gives you life and has you thrive in your work life? 🎑

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