Moonday Magic: moments

“To do lists, agendas, plans, time lines, watches, are the most beautiful gadgets to inspire us, to guide us, to have us feel safe . . . as long as we are ready and willing to throw them over board at any given moment.”

Say whaaaat? What did she just say? But my plans I made them and they are so important and since I made them it is a waste to divert from them! And how do I stick to appointments without my watch! And all these things on my to do list, I mean, there really is no choice, I have to do them!

“It is this weeks Moon 🌘working it’s magic for meCome join the inspirations and practices so it’ll work its magic for you, too❤️”

Oh yes, I am aware of all that . . . and yes, I said it anyways . . . Because I passed by this small boy telling his father over and again that he is hungry and his father checking his watch telling him oh no you can’t be, it is not yet time . . . And because I myself had it all figured out and planned ahead for this past weekend but then life came and all the planning ahead was in vain . . . and because I could go on and on . . .

No matter the plans we make and the watches we watch, we don’t know tomorrow. We don’t even know the next hour or minutes. The only thing we know and feel is the moment we are in. Right now. And at any given point in time.

Life, i. e. our body, has its own curious ways to guide us on the most direct path to our needs and desires through this our complex and ever changing environment. World. Universe. In every single moment. Wow. Isn’t that amazing?

And so, while me may have spent considerable time to enhance our to do list management, time management, agenda management – and may still do so – let me assure you we will never be able to excel to the extend of controlling the future. Phhewww, what a relieve. No need at all to beat ourselves up any longer for coming too late or plans not working out or wasting our time to wait for meetings that do not show up . . .

What we can get better and better with though is the art of realising and seizing the opportunities in each and every moment that bring our needs and desires into our life. When, only when, we are ready to follow our intuition. When we are ready to live in the moment.

Are you ready to jump? Into each moment of your life? With me?

We are about to publish our first ever online course that teaches you bodyworks practices that enable you to do exactly this. So stay tuned!!!

Happy Moonday Magic 🌘✨


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*Moonday Magic are hands on practices and inspirations that I gift myself to start the week ahead full of energy, inspiration, joy and motion. I share them with you, so you can gift yourself with some magic, too. Its the moon, that gives the feminine in our body energy. Its such practices and inspirations that make us feel the magic of our own bodies so we can share our magic through the products and services that we put out there. Make Monday your moon day, fill your week with magic! Moonday Magics are intended as inspirational stories for you to generate the energy you need in a self-reliant manner: pick whatever empowers & supports you, adjust to make it suit your individual circumstances and simply drop the rest <3

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