Moving Leadership – Bewegte Führung

SMWHH_Xenia Zarafu_Lisa_M._Wennekes
Working in motion – during my presentation at the Social Media Week Hamburg pics: Xenia Zarafu

I had planned everything so differently. This time around I wanted to give participants some theory. I wanted them to deeply understand and I wanted them to be able to implement the benefits of Kinesiology as a lifestyle in a way that they would get empower in leading themselves and in leading other people.

Of course I had not read the instructions for the venue spelling out that I would not have access to a projector, i.e. I would not be able to do any powerpoint. And so I did what I eventually always do with my workshops and presentations: give the people what they actually ask me to give them instead of assuming points of interests onto them.

The outcome was beautiful. I loved the little red light district atmosphere in the workshop rooms of the Hamburger Markthalle – it really got participants out of their head and away from their pen and paper into their bodies.

I loved how they dared to join in on this crazy venture of challenging themselves in publicly stating their heart felt goals and aspirations regarding their careers and ventures. It was beautiful to feel their growing trust into their bodies, which allowed them to jump into their biggest fears of loss and failure that kept them from actually implementing their business aspirations. Sharing the experience of Bodyworks and Kinesiology brought so much fun and amazement to the participants as they saw their mind mapped business strategies change and mature. It was a gift to see them grow into their biggest strengths that had previously been covered by exactly those fears and have them walk yet another step closer towards living their professional lives in their full potentials.

The standing ovations at the end caught me with surprise, nevertheless. But then I realised that while I had not given them the powerpoint theory, I had given them something else, something unusual: the extraordinary experience of deeply implementing and experiencing something with your own boddy.

Workshop participants learning about her muscle check at SMW Hamburg pics: Xenia Zarafu



Integrate your left & right hemisphere with the Hook Ups (Brain Gym(r) Exercise) pics: Xenia Zarafu

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