today I found love

today I met Jesus.
after asking for guidance
from the goddesses and the gods
in the woods.

he was kind and respectful.
sat down next to me
and asked what it is I am doing in this world.
he listened attentively, saying that it is good, that I am helping people to bring forth the good that is in them.
he bounced his legs of the side of the river bank,
while telling me that he had come to bring down the wall
that had been created before everything else had been created.
the one separating us from god. and from love.

it was a curious encounter
with this man.
like the goddesses talked through him
every now and then.

And then he walked his way
and I sat to feel what this encounter had done.
trying to figure what I had won.

I left it to my body to feel.
And went home, receiving a call from my mentor.
Am I ready to give myself to Jesus he asked me?
I belong to myself, I said, the goddesses are inside of us I do not have to give myself to them.

and I continued on to meet my friend
sharing with him. I was scared.
he gave me time – the one that made him feel so powerful.
for me to take home.
and I left it for my body to feel
that the wall
separating my heart from my inner goddess
had gone down.
that eventually
my heart and my goddess
had become one.

and it opened to me that
it is this, this is it what it is
when giving yourself to god
to your inner goddess.
And she will speak through you.

today I found love.
inside of me.

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