shiny me

As a practicing body & business coach I can proudly draw upon more than 30 years of experience in bodyworks techniques, Kinesiology in particular. Over the years I have become an expert on how to implement the heart of bodyworks and Kinesiology: integrating the methods to keep moving in your daily work, learning and life routines. I teach workshops, give personal coaching sessions and conference/event talks on the beauty and fulfilment we can reach through our bodies – in business and in life. Did I get you curious?

I draw my experiences in business from my work as strategy and communication consultant. I have been running my own business, Lisa M. Wennekes C/C, since 2011, where I consult and  facilitate Europe-Africa business ventures and project mediation in various industry sectors – my favourite being the creative industry. I enjoyed an international and interdisciplinary university education in International Business Diplomacy with a focus on Europe-Africa relations in Maastricht/Netherlands,  Washington D.C./USA, Osnabrück/Germany and Accra/Ghana. I was awarded a B.A. and M.A. with distinction for my studies.  Do you want more of this?

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