Moonday Magic: adventures

The Unknown

Some* travel the world and spend a lot of money to experience the new, the unknown, that thing that forces us to stretch our mind beyond the narrow limitation of the status quo we were raised to believe as the usual (*count me in … at times :- ).

Yet, adventures can be as little as taking a tour on our bike, down the road, past the city border, beyond our usual city routines, into the unknown to meet whatever it is that crosses our path. The physical experience

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Moonday Magic: Rauhnächte Rituals


pics:me ‘pomegranate’

Moments of pause

“Rauhnächte” – have you ever heard about them? Is there even an English translation for this? In German speaking regions we call the period of 12 nights & days ‘between the years’ Rauhnächte. In this weeks Moonday Magic I share with you about this practice because I integrated the practice of the Rauhnächte in my life for the past two years and it has enriched me so incredibly much as entrepreneuress. Why? Because the Rauhnächte traditionally mark a period of time where we “lay down our spinning wheels”. We stop our busy schedule. We give our working minds a halt. We do nothing.

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Moonday Magic: The Solution

・Your solution ・

The solution is simple. The implementation of it a journey called life: LIVE YOUR LIFE.

・Living life・

Yes, your life brings every single solution to you. Right to your doorstep. Through the partners you fall in love with. The friends you meet. The work (business/job) you do, expressing yourself. The colleagues you argue and fight with. The environment and nature you choose to live in. The travels you do. The food you eat. The movement you motion in. The hobbies you pursue. Through the injuries, loneliness, depressions you experience. Everything.

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