Art on the Skin: Green Showroom Berlin Fashion Week 2017

There is something fascinating to me about fashion and fashion shows. People often feel the fashion industry to be the most superficial thing there is out there. And yet it is all about our second skin – the stuff we wear on our body every day. About whether it goes under our skin – and under the skin of those people surrounding us. Something so super deep.

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Moonday Magic: The Feel Fulfilled Exercise

pics:me – feel your womb fully, to feel fulfilled –

Fulfilment. Its that magical experience that we all strive for. But have archived far, oh so far away to our bookshelves as something surreal. Something people talk about. Something people promise us. Yet, its experience is at most elusive – but mostly long forgotten under a thick layer of dust.

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Moonday Magic: follow your crave

pics:me ‘b√§rlauch – bears’garlic pesto’

Are you ready for some food for thought … & business? This week is all about your sweet spot -food – nutrition – digestion – metabolism. Actually every single week is about food for me. After all it is the fuel to my body/brain/business & pleasure endeavours. But I decided to share some gems with you this time around.¬†

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