Lisa M.bodylucios


Lisa M. bodylucious is all about sharing the food heavens that elevate ourselves in our bodies to cloud #9. I have been spending a lot of time in the past years to experiment with food and nutrition: on what is good for me, what makes me feel happy and healthy, what gives me the nutrients I need has my body relax.

Trying so many various schools of nutrition was part of this journey. It brought me to my one and only golden truth that our body knows exactly what nutrients it needs or lacks and which food will best provide these. And the more, our body lets us know what it needs through our appetite and cravings. That is why I love cravings as they are a pure expression of our body’s wisdom. YES, even the ones for chocolate and lemonade. And yes, I am crazy. Did I get you curious? Check out all about the BodyLucious Food for Thought and Business here.

You want to work with me? When you like to get guidance on how to connect to your body’s wisdom for your nutrition you can book an all free info call with me below and learn how we will work together.