what’s a BALANCE

Applying the muscle check in a Balance (individual Kinesiology session – life coaching)

Balances are individual Kinesiology & Bodyworks Coachings during which you are guided through a process of:

1. clarifying what you want to reach for yourself

2. determining the physical/emotional/mental challenges & stress you experience

3. practicing the highly effective Kinesiology protocols of muscle, movement & energy work, which you use to support yourself in overcoming your challenges & stress.  

4. feeling your body and your excellence.

The work is highly effective. It provides you with a comprehensive set of tools and information, which you can apply to reach the goals you set in the frame of each coaching session.  The tools you apprehend in each session comprise a personalised set of exercises of excellence. They aim at activating your body’s own energy reservoirs and resources on the professional as well as on the personal level. You can apply them to support yourself with your individual characteristics in all life situations towards personal excellence.

Online Balance for Adults
An online session with adults takes 60 Minutes and takes place via one on one video conferencing. Kinesiology movement techniques are build to be applied in a self-coaching setting, hence online sessions ensure you all the benefits of an in person balance session.  In an online balance, we use the Kinesiology technique called noticing, which is your body’s own feedback system that indicates stress through muscle tension/ relaxation. The noticing can replace the muscle check and allows us to look in depth for sources of challenges you face, for your body’s own resources to overcome such and for you to get to live your talents with ease. This and an elaborate set of online illustrated Kinesiology exercises empowers you to learn to get yourself into balance step by step by yourself.

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