“I felt like I am driving this my woman’s body around my life based on the user’s manual of a man’s body: Trying so hard, yet never really living my full potential but knowing that there is so much more in me. Nobody ever gave me the operating instructions for my woman’s body – on where to find and how to use its secret reservoirs, resources and potentials for my business / for my life.  Nor were there role models or mentors to learn from. Only many other women driving their body around their lives based on man’s body user’s manuals. I searched for people’s guidance and guidelines. Until I realised that the essence of driving my female characteristics to success is to get down to follow the instructions of this my woman’s body itself.”

My most favourite tool is personal Kinesiology & Bodyworks Coaching.


Kinesiology & Bodyworks Balances are a wonderful method that facilitates you to feel and access your body’s wisdom on how you function as a woman – in professional settings and your career life as well as privately.

The work with your muscles as a body feedback (one of the main techniques used in Kinesiology) allows you to feel where your body’s resources, reservoirs and potentials are seated. They form the foundation of the products that you bring out into the world. They inform how you do business and how you lead.

Through the muscle feedback you furthermore get the chance to realise where and why you are standing in your way in accessing and living them: What is it that keeps you from bringing forth the full range of your potentials in your life and in your business activities?

Short and effective movement and energy exercises that are tuned to your individual system facilitate you to overcome these obstacle. You re-gain access to your body‘s own resources, you feel how you function best in various settings, you bring your full product range out there with ease and live the joy of your personal and professional creative endeavours  that are filled with your personal characteristics. Your body carries all answers in it – your body has your solutions.

Bodyworks Coaching

I offer personal online bodyworks coaching to guide you to access the wisdom of your body and to balance your personal and work life using the secret solutions your body holds for you. For more information book a free info call with me: